Planning and application of embedded DC transmission technology in the provincial transmission power grid

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    As the typical provincial transmission power grid,Jiangsu power grid is faced with the pressures and challenges induced from system-integration of rapid developments of renewable energy during the energy transition period,which needs to be upgraded in "source-network-load-storage" and other aspects. Through the analysis of energy development from load,power supply,grid structure in Jiangsu,challenges faced by Jiangsu power grid such as insufficient transfer abilities of important transmission sections are put forward. Considering the large-scale integrated renewable energy and structure characteristics of Jiangsu transmission power grid,transmission-capacity demands of the Yangtze-river-crossing section during the "14th Five-Year Plan" and future are emphatically analyzed. Afterwards embedded DC transmission technology that both the transmission-and receiving-ends are located in Jiangsu AC network and distributed on both sides of the Yangtze River are proposed. Comparing with the traditional long-distance and high-capacity DC transmission technology constructed under the interconnection mode,the embedded DC transmission technology proposed in this paper usually uses the existing overhead transmission lines or existing/reserved AC cable channels to construct the AC-DC hybrid power grid in Jiangsu,greatly improving transmission capacities of important sections with limited transmission corridor spaces and power supply potential abilities of the existing power system to satisfy the development demands of Jiangsu power system.

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  • Received:July 06,2022
  • Revised:September 18,2022
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  • Online: November 24,2022
  • Published: November 28,2022