Evaluation method of aggregated responsiveness of distributed resources in virtual power plant

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    The virtual power plant (VPP) aggregates distributed energy resources (DERs) from the distribution network,which not only improves the response capability of aggregated resources,but also participates in electrical market to improve resource schedulability and obtain higher operation profits. The recent studies about the evaluation of VPP are not comprehensive,and there is a lack of analysis on the index weight for the VPP. In this paper,firstly,the evaluation model of response capability of the VPP is built with considering the response time,duration and so on. Then,a method for evaluating the overall responsiveness of VPP is proposed. Taking the independent responsiveness of distributed resources as a constraint,the multi-dimensional quantitative indicators of responsiveness are optimized to obtain the overall responsiveness of aggregated resources. At the same time,considering the instability of aggregated responsiveness,the indicator weight is calculated and the responsiveness is scored. Finally,the response capability curve and score of VPP within 24 hours are obtained through an example,and the effectiveness of the method in this paper is verified through analysis. The overall response capability information calculated by the method in this paper can be reported as the basis for power grid regulation,and the response capability score obtained can intuitively evaluate the aggregate response capability,which is helpful for the analysis and control of VPP response capability.

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  • Received:April 23,2022
  • Revised:July 04,2022
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  • Online: November 24,2022
  • Published: November 28,2022