Equivalent analysis of contaminations under simulated fog-haze and natural fog-haze

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    The uncertainty of haze weather makes it difficult to carry out research on its impact on power equipment. However,whether the research under simulated haze environment is equivalent to that under actual haze weather is related to the guiding value of the research conclusion to the actual work. For this reason,in this paper,the samples are contaminated under simulated haze environment and natural haze environment respectively. By testing the surface contamination layer resistance and leakage current of the contaminated samples under the two environments,the equivalence of the effects of the two environments on insulators is analyzed and discussed. It is found that from the measured data of salt density,ash density and surface pollution layer resistance,the insulators under the two haze environments have an equivalent corresponding relationship,that is,the insulators with pollution accumulation under natural haze for one year are equivalent to those with pollution accumulation under simulated haze for 10-20 days. However,from the perspective of leakage current parameters,composite insulators under the two haze environments are not equivalent,so the conclusion of leakage current under the simulated haze cannot be directly used to guide the actual work.

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  • Received:May 21,2022
  • Revised:July 30,2022
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  • Online: November 24,2022
  • Published: November 28,2022